Entrepreneurs and family wealth,
get the same breaks as the super rich, famous
and multi-national corporations

If you’re looking for a typical accountant, try the Yellow Pages. Because Eesh Aggarwal (pronounced Ee-sh A-gar-waal) is not your typical accountant.

He specialises in the bespoke design and management of legal and financial structures, to protect and grow your wealth. And he’s renowned as one of the best in the business (see Testimonials).

In a world full of threats to your assets, as well as opportunities to profit, Eesh is a unique character to have on your side. He is a genuine cosmopolite with a rare perspective—free from local, provincial, or national ideas, prejudices, or attachments, and at home all over the world.

He’s a second generation British Indian. And like many Indian families in Britain, he grew up on hard work, entrepreneurial activity, and prudent financial management.

Because he views your needs through the filter of these values and this uncommon outlook, you get a truly one of a kind consultant.

You’ll usually find him at his office, either in Dubai or London, crafting together offshore companies and various types of trust, like a Saville Row tailor cuts and styles a high-end suit.

If you ever get to see him in action, it’s a sight to behold. A flurry of boxes joined by arrows hit the paper, representing companies, trusts, and other financial mechanisms...

You’ll see him mentally push the structure he’s just designed for you to breaking point, to discover where it might fail. Then he reinforces it, to ensure it never does.

Having cracked the solution to your planning need, like a chess Grandmaster about to execute checkmate, often times a light goes on. He realises he can cut out two or three moves, and still achieve the same result—saving you money and keeping it simple.

Finally, a new client appointment usually finishes with dinner, and a life-long business friendship begins.

Offshore Consultants — as Different as Chalk and Cheese

Sure, there are a whole host of suppliers who will set you up a trust or an offshore company, from prestigious London city offices with dozens of staff—or elsewhere.

They tend to specialise in helping large corporations in their multi-national ambitions. Whereas, Eesh specialises in helping entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals and family wealth, get the same benefits by going multi-national.

And as likely as you are, he is himself an entrepreneur living the kind of offshore advice he dispenses to his clients—a very different animal than a nationally bound advisor who may never have run a business offshore, or made an international investment.

So if you...

  • Require a cutting edge solution...
  • Delivered with old fashioned personal service...
  • From a consultant who truly understands what it takes to protect and enhance your wealth...

... pick up the phone now, dial +971506568089,
and ask to speak to Eesh.

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