Hedge fund manager — over $300 million invested

"Our advisors must have a detailed understanding of accounting, taxation, law and other business related issues. And because we invest in various parts of the world, their knowledge must be international in nature — whereas most tend to be domestically focused.

Only with this viewpoint can an advisor contrast and integrate these subjects across the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Above all, we need someone with the ability to anticipate changes in the business environment, and who is ready for these changes ahead of the rest of the pack.

In this regard we have used the services of Eesh Aggarwal for over a decade, and can assert confidently he has the qualities described. He provides an innovative professional service, and has resolved some of the tougher questions in international accounting, structures and taxation. "


Personal business client with diverse international family holdings

"I've been fortunate to make a lot of money, from ventures in different parts of the world. However, I'd be the first to say I would have little or no clue how to design corporate structures that give me easy access, minimise tax, and insulate me from the multitude of risks that could threaten my wealth. I sleep well knowing my personal, family and business assets are protected.

But Eesh has helped me achieve much more than just this. I've learnt that maintaining and extending these benefits is a dynamic process of review and development. Nothing stands still for long in legislation and trading situations, and neither does Eesh!

Because he knows my business intimately, and the threats and opportunities it faces, he is there with appropriate, timely advice, often before I've even recognised the need.

His counsel is invaluable!"


Senior Vice President of an international EU bank

"Over the past 8 years that I have interacted with Eesh, I have come to value his vast and in-depth knowledge of both the financial and tax sectors."


International consultant Venture Capital and Equity Finance

"If you value privacy and confidentiality regarding your business affairs look no further than Eesh."


Ex-merchant banker, City of London & Wall Street

"I have known Eesh for a very long time, in fact 20 years plus. During this time he has looked after my financial affairs with the utmost discretion, and provided innovative unique solutions."