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Your initial conversation with Eesh costs you nothing. Make an appointment now by telephoning +971506568089.

You can leave a message on any day of the week, at any hour. However, to speak to Eesh or one of his associates directly, please call during Dubai office hours.

The clocks below show Dubai time and the relative times in New York, London and Mumbai, and office hours are also listed.

You can also email Eesh using the form below, or download his PGP public key to send an encrypted e-mail to

Most types of business can be transacted by telephone and email, with documents sent by courier. However, it's likely you'll want to meet Eesh in person at some point.

Of course, besides the information on this website, Eesh values his privacy as much as you do yours. That said, once you've met him and you've both had the opportunity to perform normal due diligence, you'll find him open, easy going and loyal.

Eesh normally meets clients at his office in Dubai. Alternatively, it's not unusual for him to meet clients in other international cities at their request.

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Tel: +971506568089
  Sunday - Thursday
9:AM - 9:PM
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Suite 211-2 Westbourne House
14-16 Westbourne Grove
London W2 5RH

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